Introducing GENTE’s Local Energy Community Optimization Algorithm

LEC Optimization Algorithm flow chart

By Fabian Widmer, Senior Research Associate at HSLU, GENTE team member

Embark on a transformative journey at the forefront of sustainable energy innovation with the GENTE project. Our latest video unveils an advanced energy optimization algorithm poised to revolutionize the dynamics of local energy communities. Developed within the GENTE project, this state-of-the-art algorithm harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to forecast day-ahead consumption and production, subsequently optimizing the inherent flexibilities within the system.

The Optimizer

The GENTE project introduces a suite of cutting-edge AI-driven models dedicated to accurately forecasting both energy consumption and production. By conducting a thorough analysis of historical data, including consumption and production records, weather patterns, and renewable energy availability, the algorithm offers a comprehensive outlook on the energy landscape for the next 24 hours.

These forecasts serve as the cornerstone for a linear optimizer, strategically employed to maximize the utilization of all available energy flexibilities within the local energy community. This encompasses a spectrum of assets, from a local battery system to multiple building heating units.

Partnership with EcoCoach

Our video delves into the strategic partnership forged with the Swiss company EcoCoach. Leveraging EcoCoach’s existing Energy Management System (EMS), the GENTE project aims to extend its capabilities through its AI-based optimizer. Specifically, the optimizer calculates setpoints for energy flexibilities over the next 24 hours. These setpoints are integrated into EcoCoach’s EMS, allowing for swift and effective control through their fast-acting control system, resulting in both a smart and fast acting cascade control system.

Demo site at Am Aawasser

These innovative algorithms are set to undergo testing at Am Aawasser, the Swiss GENTE testing site located in Bouchs. This living laboratory, equipped with a 124 kWp photovoltaic array, 45 kW hydro power plant, 260kWh battery storage unit, and a small fleet of electric vehicles, will showcase the real-world impact of the GENTE project’s energy optimization algorithm. By integrating our developed AI models and optimization algorithms into the existing EcoCoach Energy Management System (EMS) at Am Aawasser, this field trial not only aims to validate the algorithms but also demonstrates the practical usability of this new-generation EMS. Stay tuned as Am Aawasser becomes the proving ground for cutting-edge technology, showcasing the real-world impact of sustainable energy management.

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