Take a look at GENTE’s demo sites’ stats in newly published factsheets

banner image showing the GENTE project logo, the demo site logos, and the text "Demo site Factsheet"

GENTE’s communities are the project’s heart and soul. Their role is to enable the demonstration of solutions for new types of technologies and services in different technical, environmental and market contexts. They are the innovative people who enable GENTE’s ideas to become reality.

We have created a factsheet for each of our demo sites to give an overview of the key aspects of the site, including the:

  • goals of the community
  • community type
  • people and companies involved in the community
  • size of the community in available living space
  • energy consumption of the community
  • current level of energy self-sufficiency
  • key technologies in use in the communities, including installed power levels and capacities.

The main GENTE use cases that are being explored at each demo site are also given.

As always, you can find these files in the Resources section of the website as well.

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